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We are inviting you to come together to confront problems we face today and evolve unique solutions. We need your support to help us in our efforts to work for change in policies and practices - about things that are becoming of increasing importance to all of us.

If you look around you today, you see an India, which, in a rush to become developed is destroying the very natural resource base on which development hinges. Talk of an environmental problem, and we have it. Our land is degraded. Deforestation has claimed our jungles and forests once famed for their abundant wildlife. Our groundwater is polluted and overexploited. Almost all our rivers have become dirty drains. Our cities and towns are choking on polluted air. Pesticides invade our food and our bodies.

But this is not a doomsday warning. We have found that we can bring change. But we can never rest thinking the job is done—the dynamics of development brings new challenges everyday. Take the example of dealing with urban air pollution in Delhi. Although we were able to secure improved emission norms or the public transport system to run on clean fuels, the runaway growth in the number of cars has brought back the spectre of air pollution together with unmanageable congestion. We can solve the problem by moving towards public transport. We have to find similar solutions to other problems that confront us, in cities and villages.

CSE today has a large action programmeClick here for programme details  now to serve and mobilise Indian society. But for this work to continue, the institution must be strong, both internally and externally. We need the support of friends like you who believe that what we are doing is important; friends like you who can give us their encouragement, time and money to spread our message.

After 34 years, CSE today is a vocal and respected environmental institution in India. But the challenge of sustainable development is very big and growing: every day, every year. We are therefore, asking you to become a friend and supporter of CSE. And without your support and sponsorship we will not be able to meet this challenge.

Your support will help the long-term financial sustainability of CSE.

Thank you.

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